Thursday, 21 December 2006

Great Canadian Superstore: Road House Wings

Here's a review from the Fellowships very own, Ricky Patel:


The glare of the metal halide flood lights inside this gargantuan store hurt my eyes. After spending the past two weeks under a cloud of projects and studying, I was weary and the constant search for palatable meals was wearing thin. I had planned to make a trip to this local depository of food and acquire some staple food items and I thought that I would purchase my dinner at the Great Canadian Superstore as well.

Upon arriving at the store I was greeted by the aroma of fried chicken. I made my way to the ready made food counter and perused what was available. Whole chickens, Fried Chicken, Ribs and of course, wings were all in the heated display case. I was indecisive, I considered having baby back ribs but in the end, with the voice of the Wing King ringing in my head, I had to do my duty to the Fellowship and get the wings.

I decided on the Roadhouse style wings, twenty for ten dollars. I also purchased some other items including a loaf of garlic bread and returned home.

I placed the wings in the oven with the garlic bread to warm them up and try to crisp them up a bit. The wings were breaded/deep fried and then sauced. But I use the term Sauce loosely. These wings were meaty and juicy, and they appeared to be sauced well, but they did not taste like it. It must have been that new tasteless sauce that looks like sauce, smells like sauce, but doesn’t taste like it. I was very disappointed. But no fear, I pushed the big red button and in no time I was ringing the fire bells, getting a nice burn from 3rd degree Sauce.

However, in the end, even the mighty 3rd degree sauce couldn’t save these wings, and I couldn’t even finish all that was on my plate. Great Canadian Super Store is not the place for Great Canadian Super Wings.... but if you want food, clothes, electronics and house wares under one roof, and really really bright lights... well this place might just be for you.

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