Wednesday, 20 March 2019

#nonwingsunday = Steak on a Bun from Jo Jo's Grill - Pickering ON

 A few weeks ago the wife & I were visiting her family in the Durham region, and we went to the Pickering Markets, a massive flea market inside a giant warehouse sized building. It's broken down into antique section, general flea market booths, food section, and finally a free for all that often has travelling sales things.

photo from Pickering Markets Website - it's a few years old) 

We weren't planning on grabbing lunch there, but after walking around and all of us getting exhausted, we decided to hit the food court. There is so many different eateries to choose from (pizza, sushi, pasta, Indian, etc). In the past we had some tasty fish and chips from one stand. On this trip, we were all tempted by the Steak on a Bun from Jo Jo's Grill.

Ok I was tempted by their 'giant' burger (as opposed to their regular burgers) but when I saw it and it wasn't that giant, I stuck with the Steak on a Bun.

It's about $9 for a combo, which is the sandwich, fries and a pop. When I saw our 'steak' being cooked, I was a little disappointing because it didn't look like steak. It took about 10 minutes to cook up so we scavenged a table and sat down. When it was ready, I got mine with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and then I added mayo and HP sauce. I also salt & vinegar-ed up my fries (with ketchup) and got my coke zero.

The sandwich was really good. It was big and floppy, and really messy. It was really hard to eat, and our hands all got very messy. The steak is very thin and I have no idea what cut it came from. It had a bit of a chew, but not so much you couldn't bite a piece off with much trouble. The fries were crispy and fresh cut. Overall it was a simple, unattractive, but very filling, very satisfying meal.

Jo Jo's Grill 
The Pickering Markets
1400 Squires Beach Rd, Pickering ON

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