Monday, 18 June 2018

belated #nonwingsunday = Blue Grilled Steak Doritos

I love Doritos, I love Jurassic Park World, so it seemed like a good pairing. Actually I was a little skeptical of this flavour and just had the snack bag, but it delivered what it promised - it's just not a flavour I was super keen on to begin with but worth a shot.

I do love the cross-over here. I was thinking about how I don't feel summer blockbusters have that same 'event' type feel like they used to. When Jurassic Park first came out, everything was Jurassic Park and you couldn't escape it. Now I see some promotional stuff, but it seems quick and over quick. I've seen some of the early blockbusters recently (Avengers, Solo, Deadpool) and they were great, but didn't feel like there was as much of a big event/zeitgeist feeling they used to. Oh well.

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