Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Kelsey's Chicken Fest 2017 ad

If you like Kelseys and you like chicken, Kelseys Chicken Fest might be for you. From Feb 27-March 26 2017 they have some special dishes for you to try out. I have not tried any and some things sound interesting, I've got some questions.

Of course, chicken wings was the first thing I looked for on the menu.

Is there a new wing flavour? Yes, Garlic Chili wings. I won't lie, the flavour doesn't excite me. I mean it sounds good, but just ok.

I'm calling BS on the little asterix that says you can't order this flavour on 1/2 price Thursdays. At $16 for only 10 wings, that's also BS! If it was a complicated recipe or a really unique wing but garlic chili?

Also sticking out - CAPTAIN CRUNCH CHICKEN FINGERS. This is out of the box thinking Kelseys! (If this was done to the wings, I would get the surcharge!). AND they drizzle it with garlic chili sauce in the end anyways.

Also of note to this blog is the "Bring It On Buffalo Chicken Sandwich" - sounds pretty tasty!

Deep Fried Twinkies also sounds good; question is, where is the chicken? All of the dishes have chicken; this one doesn't for sometime.

While I'm questioning things, when did Kelseys become a "Road House" and not "Friendly Neighborhood Bar & Grill" ? Or what I really mean (because I know when), why? Just simple marketing? What's going on here?

So is this "Fest" exciting enough for you to try? What do you think about the wings? Do you know why they are "Original Roadhouse" now?  I have more questions than answers these days . . .