Wednesday, 17 August 2016

WWWWWW #84 Galaxy Multi Rides ~ Mechanical Rodeo Buffalo Chicken Wing

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This Week:

Galaxy Multi Rides | Game Rental Company

Have you ever been on a mechanical bull? You know, a fake bull (or just a saddle) often found in rodeo/country western bars that you ride and it bucks, and the person who can stay on the longest before it throws you off wins. Well there`s a rental company that has a unique assortment. 

Galaxy Multi Rides rents out a bunch of different mechanical bull rides, or just rides in general. Inflatable obstacle courses, mazes and other Wipeout like games. This family based company is based in Florida, and England. They have 40 different rides, its crazy. And they have one built just for me:

A Buffalo Chicken Mechanical Rodeo ride. That`s right, climb onto a drummette and hang on for dear life.

"We have made some strange rides in our years of manufacturing multi rides, but a really unique one is the Buffalo Chicken Wing.
The wing is textured and painted to look like it is dripping in buffalo sauce and comes complete with a soft Sofolex knuckle (like the head of the wing) for safety.
To complete this hot and spicy ride, we printed a cover sheet for the inflatable with a pile of buffalo chicken wings.
As with all of our multi ride attachments, the Mechanical Rodeo Buffalo Chicken Wing is quick and easy to attach to the electric motion base, offering you the ability to turn your multi ride into a total entertainment system."

Sounds like fun!

Oh, and if chicken wings aren't your thing, you can ride a Taco Bell sauce packet.

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