Friday, 29 May 2015

10 Year anniversary dinner

Last night was a celebration night of 10 Years of Lord of the Wings, and a few friends came out to celebrate with me.

Desiree, Priya, Sally and Nathan joined me at Duff's, one of my favourite places for wings in Toronto.

Their dill dip with celery - creamy, dilly, delicious.

Crispy naked wings with sauces on the side: medium, honey garlic, spicy honey garlic, bbq, spicy bbq and some super hot. Also some crispy fries. I was very happy.

Artistic re-rendering of a blurry wing photo.

Such great friends, I was going to treat them, but they treated me!  Thanks everyone!


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Chris said...

Happy Blogiversary you ol' coot! 10 is a many is that in "blog years"? ;)