Monday, 11 March 2013

No Bull Burgers ~ Toronto ON

RIP - This location is now CLOSED

It's early January, and I was out for a walk on the streets. I had not had dinner, when I came across a little burger joint. While I had been on the look out for wings, I could do burgers on this night.

No Bull Burgers opened up in 2011, where they have been serving 'fresh' 'local' and 'organic' burgers. Hearing that makes me think I would be going into some shi shi restaurant, but this place felt more like a dive (and hopefully good burgers).

The restaurant is quite small - basically a take-out place with a few counter seats. It's owned by the same owner as Soulvaki Express next door, so you can actually go over there and sit too. The menu is pretty straight forward: burgers, cheese burgers, bacon cheeseburgers and how you can double the patties. There also a grilled cheese burger, a bunless burger, and an organic quinoa burger. There are homemade potato chips, fries, poutines and onion rings. They also have special burgers, such as their "Redneck" burger, a "beer battered deep fried peameal rolled in potato chips, paired with a patty, lettuce, tomato, drizzled with a whisk bbq sauce!"

I went with a simple bacon burger combo with fries and a coke which came to like $12. 

First, my combo came with an icy glass bottle of Coke. The cost of glass bottled Coke drives me a little nuts because it's the same amount as a can (355ml) but there's something magical about drinking pop from a bottle.

The combo came with a mountain of fries. Seriously, they take up half of the tray. They were good too - fresh cut, crispy but soft inside. It's self seasoning and I went with ketchup, salt and some vinegar. Very good fries. I had to take 2/3rds home with me.

My Bacon Cheeseburger. Glory on a platter.  I had a choice of strip or peameal, and I went with strip. I also had a choice of Swiss or cheddar, and I went with cheddar.

There were a ton of toppings to choose from and I was actually a little overwhelmed and just went with my go to's. Highlights to point out:

  • the bacon was crispy and very flavourfull - this is exactly what I look for in bacon.
  • burger was meaty, fresh and seasoned well. Not too thick, not too thin. Excellent patty.
  • toppings all tasted fresh, crispy and nothing dominated the burger in terms of taste - it was a happy mosaic.
  • Eagle eye readers will see the bottom bun above is actually a top bun. It made for a pretty awesome experience, especially as the bun was soft and white without it being a filler. 

No Bull Burgers was definetely no bull. I was really impressed with the burger, the fries and the service. I like this place and definetly would go back for more - Redneck burger, you are on my radar!

No Bull Burgers
179 Parliament Street, Toronto ON 


Teena said...

That looks like an awesome burger!!

Chris said...

It's funny, the thing that caught my eye about this was the bottled coke, it has been YEARS and taste 10x better.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - it was, it was . . .

@Chris - I could go for a bottled Coke right now . . .