Wednesday, 2 May 2012

WWWWWW #66 Meat Hook's Buffalo Style Chicken Feet

Yes, World Wide Web Wacky Wing Wednesday. WWWWWW. This is where I will surf the Web, and find other people talking about chicken wings. The world is full of chicken wing stories, wacky and otherwise. Recipes, restaurant reviews, eating contests or whatever. Today's Blog relating to wings in some shape or form:

"What is the Meat Hook, exactly?
Well, we’re a lot of things but, at our core, we are now what we were the day we opened the shop doors for the first time: three best friends jumping into the void and trying to figure out not what a butcher shop was but what a butcher shop could be.
What we came up with was the idea that a butcher shop could sell local, properly raised meat from small family farms but without all the piety of the farmers market and without all the preciousness of boutique restaurants who served that meat to the dining elite. Good meat, we decided, could be fun. Everyone, it seemed, had a fancy p├ąte with a pedigree but we wondered if there wasn’t a bigger market for a hot dog you could feel good about feeding your kids? As it turns out we now make both fancy terrines and grass-fed hot dogs but the hot dogs outsell charcuterie twenty to one.
The Meat Hook is a pretty strange animal, even in the context of a city full of strange animals. It is a chimera that is equal parts NYC restaurant culture, psychedelic rock band and old-school butcher shop. Its structure is a democracy, a dictatorship and pure anarchy depending on the hour of the day and the only law is that whoever has the best idea at the time is in charge."

Pretty cool eh?

Above is the Meat Hook's Buffalo Style Chicken Feet.

I thought I love all things Buffalo . . . but this might be pushing it. Kudos for it being attempted.

Would you eat Buffalo style chicken feet?
Have you had chicken feet before? What is it like?


Chris said...

I'd use MY chicken feet to get the bleep of there!

Randy in China said...

Chicken feet seem popular here...but I can't bring myself to try them *gross*

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - funny stuff mr funny man!

@Randy - I hear ya buddy, I hear ya