Thursday, 6 October 2011

Randy's Review of Hot Pot Wings from Chengdu China

Dude is still over in China, eating it up. Literally. Ha! My birthday falls on the same day as National Day in China. So here is how he celebrated both events, with Vicky and Shirley,  in his own words:

"This year I thought I would give Lord of the Wings a belated birthday wing review.  I traveled to Chengdu, Sichuan Province here in China.  It was their National Day and let me tell you…so many people!!

Two things stuck out for me on this trip.  The pandas and the food.  Sichuan is famous for their spicy food.  We hit up this famous hotpot place and they of course served wings.

Us getting ready for the world famous Sichuan hotpot @ Shu Jiu Xiang

This is their famous hotpot.  One of the best meals I’ve had in China thus far.  I mean really really good!

This is us cooking.  So much fun!  Now its time for the wings….

It doesn’t look too tasty here, but they were pretty good. And hot.  

My Zoolander impression getting ready for the wings.

Sichuan hotpot is really hard to explain.  I mean yes its super crazy spicy but not in the normal sense.  It’s a burn that just overwhelms you with deliciousness. I really can’t handle the heat.  I mean I usually can manage Hot, but the not traditional Suicide sauces.  But this was so tasty that the spice took a back burner (excuse the pun).

This is us processing the heat, each of us had our own techniques:

Vicky with the classic drinking to cool down her taste buds.

I went for the “zoned out” approach.  Trying mind over matter.  I may look calm…but my mind is saying…”This tastes like the surface of the sun”.

Shirley went for the traditional eating bread to neutralize the heat. Well played Shirley, well played.

The girls out front of the restaurant after our meal.  
All in all, a fantastic meal.  But the wings were really small.  But it was a nice change from the wings I usually have in Xi’an.  In Xi’an they seem to have the same flavour at every place.

Of course we had to get rid of the burning in our mouths…and what better way than………Chicken Wing ice cream???

Ok, no this is just chocolate…but it helped the burning!

Happy National Day! AND Happy Birthday Wing King!"

Thanks Dude - looks like a fun and tasty time!


Chris said...

"Tastes like the surface of the Sun", love it!

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - he's a funny guy that Randy!