Sunday, 20 March 2011



Waaaay back in January, I grabbed a flyer for a pizza joint in the building I was having a meeting. I grabbed it, then forgot about it for about another month (kind of like this post!). Well in February some weekend I decided to try out their wings and pizza. 

The place was called Planet Pizza. A local pizza place that I will be honest, I did not expect great things from. I had a flyer and I checked out their website and it seemed to be a cheap operation. I also found some discrepancies between the two:

I was really in the mood for wings, but there was no specific pricing for wings. Not on the flyer, not on the website, not even on a separate flyer. They did have wings in various combos. So I did go with the Planet Feast, even if it was just pizza, wings and pop. Oh and a dipping sauce.

It was a 4 topping pizza, so I went with pepperoni, sausage, bacon and pineapple. They were pretty generous with the toppings.

The bacon was a crumble that was barely noticible. The sausage was tiny pepperoni-like sausage that I do not care for on my delivery pizza. The crust on the pizza was thin to medium and had no distinctive taste. It was a bit chewy (in a good way) but not a great. Cheese was not bad. Overall, it was an ok pizza.

And it came with a dip. I went with garlic dip. I used it for my crusts. Then I ate my wings.

As I said before, they don't have wings listed on their own on the menu's, although I can't imagine that you couldn't order them on their own. The Planet Feast came with 2lbs of wings, which is about 15-20 wings.

They call them BBQ wings, but I'm fairly certain they are oven baked. I think this is a case of the establishment not knowing what BBQ means or chicken wings. I'm just saying.

The size of the wings are very short. Small. But they are pretty meaty. The bone might be small, but there is a lot of chicken. It wasn't crispy, but the chicken was tender. Which is fine if your into that kind of thing. I'm not. Not really.

There are only a few flavours to choose from and I went with the classic hot. Standard cayenne based hot sauce. The wings were nice and wet and there was a little pool to keep them wet.

THE SCORE:  Pizza was OK. Wings were barely OK. I feel like this is a business, not a craft. They are located in a student area and are taking advantage of the situation. Wings are clearly an afterthought, and I think that's just sad. 3/9

Planet Pizza
339 College Street, Toronto ON


Chris said...

"I think this is a case of the establishment not knowing what BBQ means or chicken wings."

Sadly, not all that unusual.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - Its sad when people just don't know.