Saturday, 1 December 2007

Frank's Red Hot Caesar 'spicer'

This HSR, Hot-Sauce-Review, was prompted by a small purchase made the other day. About a week ago, I volunteered my baking services for a bake sale, with the proceeds going to HIV/AIDS awareness. There was also a silent auction, raffle and film fest as well. I had suggested a "Spicy Wing Competition" to raise money by having people 'bet' on who could eat the spiciest wing (with me competing of course) but the nutritious-minded Chef said it went against their Healthy Eating campaign. (Bah! They were just scared I could handled their hottest!).

While I am not a cookie maker or a baker be, my talents went towards creating some appetizers for the event. I made some pizza sticks and some pinwheels. For both I knew I would need some hot sauce, and when I want a good hot sauce I turn to Frank's Red Hot. I went to the local grocery store, and not wanting a big bottle (because I'm basically living out of a hotel room and a suit case) or to pay the higher price, I saw on one shelf lower a bottle half that in stature to a regular Frank's.

I was intrigued: Frank's Red Hot Caesar 'spicer'. Advertised, "For the perfect Caesar" and "it will add the perfect blend of heat and flavour to all your favourite cocktails" - I wondered what this little bottle had that Frank's normal sized bottles didn't. What made it special for the "perfect Caesar"?

The ingredients on the back revealed little:

  • aged cayenne peppers
  • distilled vinegar
  • water
  • salt
  • natural flavour and garlic powder

In fact, it was identical to the standard bottle's ingredients right down to the order.

I opened the bottle and took a sniff: smelled the same. I looked down the spout: looked the same. There was only one more test I could do without involving a chemist and some equipment. Without anything to snack on at the time, I presented the back of the hand, and let the juice of the gods pour out.

I took a deep breath in, letting the cayenne and vinegar explore though my olfactory. And then I took the plunge.

I was the victim of Marketing Duck Syndrome. The old saying goes, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck . . . well, this was just plain old Frank's marketed in a smaller bottle to appeal to the cocktail enthusiasts.

While Frank's Red Hot is THE hot sauce of choice for everyday use, don't buy this just for Caesars. Buy the full bottle, and enjoy it on everything.

PS: the bake sale went well, and totalled with the silent auction and raffle, over $2500 was raised. Way to stay classy Chestnut!

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