Monday, 15 October 2007

Tillson Pizza - Tillsonburg

Today, there is a hefty list of pizza chains to choose from to get your easy and late night eating needs. Even in a small town, Pizza Hut, Pizza Pizza, Little Caesars and New Orleans try to dominate the delivery needs. But to move past cardboard cut outs, you have to look to the local joints.

About a month ago I had my first real introduction to Tillson Pizza (named after the street its on, which is named after the town, which in turn is named on the family that founded 'The Burg") and one word came to mind, deliciously greasy. They way pizza should be. But like many pizza places, wings are now a mainstay on the menu.

Most chains offer tiny, tiny wings. And while these places can also be reasonable, most have terrible wings. So I decided to order the #1 combo with pizza, wings, garlic bread and pop, and for the hell of it, a small order of spring rolls.


STYLE: pizza joint, battered then deep fried
SAUCES: mild/medium/hot/honey garlic
SIZE: 1.5 /2
HEAT: 5/10
PRICE: $5.99 for 1lb, $7.99 for 16 wings, $10.99 for 2lb, $13.99 for 30
SIDES: 0/7
WING NIGHT: none - its a pizza joint
OTHER/SPECIAL: great spring rolls with the pizza & wings!

When I read that 15 wings came in an order, I thought for sure I was getting pigeon wings. Boy, was I wrong. These large, bordering on jumbo wings were a wonderful surprise. Not only are they big and juicy, but they are breaded, which gave for a bulkier wing.

One downside to this, was adding the sauce to these breaded wings made them a bit soggy after a while. The flavour was a nice spicy with a hint of sweet. Certainly not hot, and it won't offend any one's taste buds.

I refused to write a score for these wings - my scoring method gave Tillson Pizza an 11 out of 35, and these were NOT by any means the worst wings I've eaten since implementing the scoring. Because they are a pizza place, there are some sections where there just no points to be had. These were an excellent pizza place wing and better than some 'wing joints'. So the next time your thinking about getting pizza, look past your chain options and look to the local - it just might surprise you. Oh, and the spring rolls were an excellent addition to the pizza and wing combo - who would have thunk it?

Tillson Pizza
102 Tillson Ave, Tillsonburg


Anonymous said...

Let me ask you, to go back there, and order their Honey Garlic wings. She makes the sauce it is to DIE for. You will NOT be disappointed!!! Its not a brown sauce its a delicious yummy sticky sauce LOL! try them out! you will be glad you did! -Amanda

Lord of the Wings said...

Amanda - my mom always orders the Honey Garlic - and while I am generally opposed to HG as a flavour - theirs would convert me. Thanks for stopping by the blog!