Monday, 27 August 2007

A Sad Sad Story . . .

Once upon a time, there was a young puppy named Starbuck.
He was named not for the coffee,

But for the pilots: the original,

. . . and the re visioned Battlestar Galactica.

One day, little Starbuck had two visitors:
Uncle Rick and Uncle Wing King. They came to dogsit
Starbuck because normally he was a good little puppy
and his mommy and daddy needed some time off.

Uncle Rick and Uncle WK needed to have dinner because they
didn't have anything to eat forever. They ordered from the
favourist place in all of London, Ring-a-Wing. They ordered the enchanted Buffalo style, Jerk and Louisiana BBQ which they had never had before.

They decided to watch a tale from days of yore:

Little Starbuck, who was curious like a cat, would not leave the two uncles alone. "No little Starbuck, chicken wings are not good for little puppies like you," said Uncle Rick. He got him a special chew toy just for him. Little Starbuck disappeared and the two uncles could watch blood and carnage and a very angry bearded guy.

Suddenly, things seemed really quite (except for many Greeks and Persians screaming). The two uncles travelled to the kitchen to have the last of their dinner. When Uncle Rick and Uncle Wing King got there, they discovered something terrible:

Little Starbuck had eaten the whole thing! He had pulled all the boxes off the kitchen counter and ate over 9 wings, bones and all. The two uncles were so upset, they did not pet the puppy for the rest of the night. They let little Starbuck know that he was a bad dog and that he might not ever be loved again if he did such and evil thing again. While the Uncles were sooo hungry, the puppy went into the corner, feeling guilty and sick. And little Starbuck learned a valuable lesson:



Got a Gripe? said...

look at the dog's eyes - he's all, "I'm sorrrrrrrrrrrry"

Ricky said...

Starbuck is a master of the "sad puppy dog eyes" if he had the chance he'd come to your house and eat your wings and the rest of your food. Make no mistake, he's not sorry, he's a wing stealing son of a bitch.