Friday, 20 July 2018


You never know for sure where you are going to find wings.

Take Yorgo's for example; here is a small Greek delivery chain that also serves pizza. They also serve chicken wings. So of course I went to Yorgo`s.

I walked into this eatery and the first thing I noticed was the smell of grilled souvlaki. Amazing. The place was clean and neat inside, and I saw two staff working hard in the back. Other than a few seats at the window counter, this is a take-out/delivery place, with little hints of Greek culture like posters, pictures and statues.

I grabbed a take-out menu to see what they had in the way of wings - the picture made the wings look amazing. But I'm pretty sure its a stock photo. Only time would tell. Also you can tell this is an Ottawa wing place because they have sour cream along the pricing of the wings, but the blue cheese is an after thought that almost looks like it was stamped on after.

The guy running the place gave me the impression he might be in charge of this location because he was hustling and he was super friendly despite working hard in the heat - it showed he cared. When I asked about the wing flavours, he told me that Hot was Frank's, Buffalo was Frank's Buffalo, and Suicide was 3rd Degree (really hot he told me, not realizing he was talking to a #3rdDegreeAddict ). Having had 3rd Degree recently, I went with the Buffalo for a flavour change. He implied that was a good choice because the 3rd Degree is really really spicy.

I was there to get wings, but that smell of the souvlaki was just too intoxicating so I got a wrap as well. The wrap was on a grilled pita, with lettuce, tomato, onions, olives and tzatziki, and chunks of marinated chicken.

The wrap was fresh, but this was one of the more disappointing Greek wraps I've had in a long time. The pita was cooked a little too long, leaving it more crunchy and charred than soft. The chicken was nice and flavourful though. The pita was very light on tomato or olives (thankfully because I don't like olives) or onions. It did have lettuce, and I think it's shredded romaine lettuce, which I found it bitter and overpowering. There was also almost no tzatziki. I ... I wouldn`t get this again.

At least I had wings to recover from my wrap fail.

The wings smelled great even before I opened the container - that was a good sign. I open the styrofoam container and took in all the wings. I noticed 2 things that differed from the menu: 1) they were not breaded 2) they did not look 'amazing' and were not sauced the same - not that they looked bad at all, just not AMAZING. Stock art strikes again!

Wings come in orders of 12, 24, 48, and 72. I just ordered 12 and I got 12 as promised.

These wings were a wide variety of sizes. Some large, some were a medium, but some were like the one in the above photo that was particularly small.  The wings were relatively meaty to their size. The meat was pretty tender too.

Yorgo's gave a fair amount of sauce on these wings, which meant they were pretty wet. The skin might have been crispy when first fried, but it was not so much after absorbing all that sauce. Still, they did have a kind of spongy crispness to them.  They say the wings are breaded and they are not; maybe dusted, but not breaded. If I was going to get these again, I would get sauce on the side.

Note: this is a skin staining sauce, so you are going to need wet-naps (not provided).

I went with the Buffalo, which is Frank's Buffalo sauce. The sauce was pretty tasty as it's kinda buttery kinda spicy kinda sour, but it's no real replacement for authentic home made Buffalo sauce. It's not as hot as Hot is, but it has more flavour levels.


I was hoping to find a little gem of a Greek and wing joint like I had when I was living in Toronto. I've yet to find that replacement here in Ottawa. The pita was a pass - too few toppings and sauce, slightly overcooked pita. The wings were tasty, but were all over the map in terms of size and were a bit soggy. I'd get them again, but I'd go sauce on the side, and I'd probably get a Buffalo/Suicide sauce mix.

Yorgo's Greek Food & Pizza
1356 Clyde Ave, Ottawa ON

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Found in the Bin - Clubhouse Sriracha Buffalo & Frank's Buffalo Ranch Dip

I didn't get the Frank's because I can make Ranch dip with hot sauce no problem. I suppose I can do the same with the Club House, but I was more curious what that seasoning would be like.  It's kind of funny because they were in the reduce to clear bin at the store, but I've never seen them before today!

Orange Sorbet Coca-Cola

My favourite beverage is Coca-Cola products. Coke, Coke Zero, and Cherry Coke/Cherry Coke Zero for the win. In Canada we are pretty limited to our flavours - Classic, Diet and Diet with Lime seem to be the only ones that are available all year round. So it's been a treat this Spring/Summer of 2018 when Cherry Coke and Cherry Coke Zero have been pretty available. Then for the summer, Vanilla Coke came back, along with Raspberry Coke (I tried this, not a big fan but it does taste like Raspberry).

Today I was out running errands and only in one store did I come across Orange Sorbet (which I originally thought was Orange Cream). I didn't even know this was a thing. A quick scan on the Internet gives me very little details on it - even the Coca-Cola Canada website has nothing on it. What is up with that?

Here's what you need to know - it's really good. It has that smooth creamy taste like a Vanilla Coke, but it has a subtle, non-overpowering taste of orange. It's like an orange creamcicle, with some Coke. I was guzzling this stuff down faster than I wanted to. I only wish it came in the Zero format ...

Friday, 13 July 2018

Happy Fry-Day the 13th!!!

Is it just me or is it Friday the 13th been happening a lot lately?

#fryday = Kell's Kitchen "Suicide on Ice"

If you are going to have a good #fryday, then Kell's fried wings are a good start.

Well I was back in Cornwall and I was excited to get back to Kell's Kitchen and have their wings again since I was there last. Kell's is just a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, a dive pizzeria that serves really good wings. They really care and they make real efforts to produce some wings like you have never had before.

I wanted to try something different and was scanning over the take-out menu when the same dude I dealt with the first time I went to Kell's greeted me. He asked what could he get me, I said I was there for wings, so he asked what kind of sauce I was looking for? Something spicy? I said spicy - I asked about what the Cool Buffalo flavour. He was like it's Buffalo with Ranch, but it's not just bottled ranch but a homemade sauce that they do with their own spices. Ice Age BBQ was also BBQ with ranch, as was Suicide on Ice. He gave me the lid off a small container with the ranch and it was really good - very fresh, tasted like ranch with other seasonings but also had some green chili heat I think. I liked it a lot but it's clear the food here has a strong Indian influence in the cooking because it was almost like an raita-ranch dip.

I asked about their Honeymoon Sauce and that was mixed with Honey Garlic. He also told me they have a new sauce "Scooby-Doo" which is suicide mixed with sour cream, but he said a really high quality sour cream. But something about the Suicide on Ice was speaking to me. It wasn't long before I had my food to go and I was out the door.

I went down to the River and parked where I had some privacy but also a nice view of the waterway. I pulled the container of 15 wings out, and they looked very good. I both like and dislike this tin container - what I don't like is that it is pretty thin, so it doesn't hold its shape (especially with wings this heavy) so good luck trying to put the lid back on!

First thing, these are big wings, with a heavy breading on them. The container weighs a ton, and so does each wing. Second, the smell. Spices, fried chicken, more spices. It's intoxicating and exotic. Third, I may have gotten some drool in there.

The sauce was their spice filled suicide and their ranch mixed together. It works for sure. The ranch definitely tames the heat of the suicide, because I didn't feel the peppery burn that I had when I had just regular suicide. But it was creamier and the two flavours complimented each other very well.

The breading is crunchy, but holds up reasonably well with that thick sauce on it. It's hard to explain because you still have crunch, but the wings are also softened (in a good way) that gives it a unique texture. The meat was not so tender that the chicken fell off the bone, but wasn't tough either - a happy neutral zone was achieved.

These are a flavor explosion; its got heat, its got spices, its creamy. All the spices and chilies and the ranch - it all just comes together in a way that made my mouth happy. So flavourful and so different.
I can't talk about it anymore because it's making me hungry and my mouth water. Just take in a few more wing porn photos:

Happy #fry-day y'all!

Kell's Kitchen 373 Eleventh Street East, Cornwall ON

Thursday, 12 July 2018

#tbt = Ruffles Sweet & Spicy Chip Review

I love chicken wings, and I like potato chips, so it's a pretty safe bet I love me some chicken wing flavoured potato chips and Ruffles is probably my favourite chip brand (love the ridges and usually the bold flavours). Normally they are Hot or Buffalo flavoured, but this past spring Ruffles came out with a Sweet & Spicy chip.

Now just going on the name, you would not connect sweet and spicy to chicken wing. Sweet and spicy isn't a usual flavour of wing, I mean it exists, but when you hear sweet and spicy, wings are not the first thing I think of. But you have those chicken wings on the cover ... so I guess its a wing flavour on these chips.

Even in their description they don't mention chicken wings. It's like they came up with the flavour concept, and at the last moment they needed an image for the bag, so some dude thought to use chicken wings.

That being said, I was still ready to try them.

I just got a small bag, the king under 220g and run about $1.50. Of course, chips make up less than half the bag.

On first inspection, they look like All Dressed Ruffles; that golden, slightly orange look.  Nothing bold or anything that stands out from their other flavoured chips. But what about the flavour?

It's not like any of the other chip flavours. It's sweet, not really spicy but more like a BBQ? More like a sweet mustard? But doesn't taste like BBQ, All Dressed, or Hot wing ... because of the weird sweet flavour. Upon looking at the ingredients, the sweet seems to come from molasses. But there is still a sour tang in there.

Would I get it again? Not really but not because they are bad, but because I prefer their other flavours. It doesn't taste like a chicken wing, its not really spicy (more sour) but it is sweet. It's nice that it's something different, but the uniqueness that is presented here is not something that excites me. All Dressed excites me. Hot Wing excites me. Sweet and Spicy, meh.

Rufles Sweet & Spicy

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Faux Smoked Wings Repurposed

I'm slightly behind on my wing reviews and a few weeks ago I bought some PC Dry-Rubbed Hardwood Smoked Wings. I just need to finish up the review. 

But since then, I had leftovers that I jazzed up today. I baked the wings, then tossed them in both Piri Piri rub as well as Sriracha and Lime rub, as well as a little butter. Then I added a few dashes of a new bottle of hot sauce I saw the other day and picked up: PC Cayenne & Scotch Bonnet Wing Sauce (with another review to eventually come).

This was a really tasty combo!!!  The smoked flavoured wings, the rubs, and that Cayenne/Scotch Bonnet wing sauce was out of this world. So good.

It was a good lunch and I'm looking forward to having more!!!

Boomerang Kell's Wings

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Happiness Happened Here: "Bones in the Tub"

"Bones in the Tub"

Sherwood Market & Deli - Ottawa ON

Every city seems to have it's hidden restaurant treasures with tasty options that the rest of the city doesn't know about. I had driven past Sherwood Market & Deli several times but didn't think much of the place because it looks like a convenience store. But after LJ had a work function catered with Sherwood sandwiches a few months ago, she said we should check it out.

Turns out it wasn't so much of a secret to the city.

The place is very unassuming from the outside, and even inside, it just looks like a corner store ... except for the giant lunch time crowds. We've been a few times now, weekdays, weekends, and the places is always packed (to be fair, the aisles are very small and so the line snakes around the store).

The first time I went in I was glad we had looked online at the menu before going because while the process is relatively simple, unless you want tweaks, it can be confusing. There are a variety of toppings, but sandwiches come by default with egg bread, Sherwood sauce, lettuce, tomato and cheese - this is posted on the glass case, however, if you didn't already know what you were ordering, looking at the small menu and having to move quick (because the line moves quick) or having questions would feel like a faux pas with the crowd.

We knew what we wanted, and when I walked in, I just found the back of the line. There was an assembly line crew making sandwiches (at least 3 and sometimes 4) and they pop over to the line to get each order. The line may be long, but things move fast.

Photo taken from Zomato - prices are out of date

There are lots of sandwiches to choose from, but by far the most popular is the BBQ Chicken Bacon Avacado. Every time I've been in it's just Chicken Bacon Avacado after Chicken Bacon Avacado. Personally I'm not crazy about avacado, so I skip that one. The prices now have gone up since the menu above was listed, but the sandwiches clock in under $6. There are also salads and homemade desserts too, but people seem to be mostly there for the sandwiches.

Sandwiches are wrapped in wax paper and then put into a bag, and you pay at the cashier. There are a few chairs outside one can sit at, but most seem to head either back to their government office, Dow's Lake to eat by the water, or go home and eat it.

When you look at the unwrapped sandwich, you can't not be taken aback by its size. You also notice that the bread is so soft and fresh, you fear it might fall apart. The loaf is also an irregular shape - there's no typical flat bottom. This is sort of awkward to eat as a whole sandwich; you could probably ask them to cut it I guess.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of sandwiches to choose from. LJ's favourite is the Crab and Avacado with large chunks of the simulated crab and lots of avacado. I've also tried the Smoked Meat sandwich which is good but doesn't taste or look like a classic Montreal style smoked meat sandwich. I don't have photos of either of those. I do have photos of my favourite, the BBQ Chicken and Bacon.

Here's the breakdown of the sandwich; Soft, fresh egg bread, slice of I think swiss cheese, sliced deli BBQ chicken, extra Sherwood sauce, tomato, crispy bacon, and shredded lettuce.

When I first was ordering, I wasn't sure if the BBQ Chicken was from a roasted chicken or like a deli meat chicken. Turns out it is the latter (the deli sells the cold meat just like a regular store) but it's piled on pretty good and seems to be chopped up.

First, the sandwich feels, smells and tastes fresh. That egg bread especially. There's a lot of lettuce on there, but it doesn't overpower the sandwich. The bacon might be thick cut? It's served room temperature on the sandwich (they must cook it in big batches) but its crispy yet pliable, and tastes soo good. Now the Sherwood sauce on the sandwich, that is good stuff. It's a mayo based sauce, very creamy, maybe it has lemon juice? It's hard to define because its not bold in flavour, but rich in creaminess. I have to ask for extra it's that good.

So this place is not so secret after all. But I would say it doesn't have enough hype about it out there. This sandwich seems like something you'd make at home, but tastes better. There's nothing bold or particularly flavourful on it's own in there, but together they create a harmony of the mouth. It tastes fresh, crunchy, soft, creamy. It's just a sandwich, but dang it's a good sandwich!

Sherwood Market & Deli
111a Sherwood Drive, Ottawa ON